Dental Hygiene Students Become Tooth Fairy Trainees


Almost all children believe in the Tooth Fairy. And more than three-quarters of parents use the myth of the Tooth Fairy to bring comfort to their kids as they grapple with the idea of having lost their tooth. While this belief in the Tooth Fairy as well as other gift-bearing imaginary characters like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus typically disappear by the time children reach the age of 5 to 7 years old, one cannot discount the fact that it is one of the most effective ways to introduce young children to the concept of proper dental care. Today, however, dental hygiene students are taking on the role of the modern Tooth Fairy to provide the same care and attention to the teeth of young children that these imaginary children’s figures provide.

Kids do not necessarily understand the important role that dental hygienists play in the care of their teeth. Sadly, there are also parents who seem to be at a loss as to what a dental hygienist is.

Dental hygienists are members of the professional dental health care team who are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities whether independently or collaboratively with a licensed dental professional. At the core of their professional responsibilities are the promotion of optimum dental and oral care and the prevention of dental and oral health problems. You can visit the site for more information about the professional responsibilities of a dental hygienist.

In a way, a dental hygienist is like a dentist, except that he or she is more concerned about keeping the health and integrity of the teeth and preventing any loss of such integrity. The dentist, on the other hand, will be more concerned in the management of any problem that pertains to the teeth and oral cavity.

It is for this reason that dental hygienists can be considered as modern Tooth Fairies since they are the ones who are actively involved in the promotion of dental and oral care. They teach children and adults about the different strategies in oral and dental hygiene that will help promote and maintain optimum oral health.

Included in their teachings are the proper way of brushing and flossing the teeth. They also provide nutritional counseling since certain foods are naturally rich in certain substances necessary for stronger teeth and gums. There are also foods that need to be avoided at all cost and those that can be consumed with less frequency than usual. Overall, dental hygienists help individuals promote and maintain the integrity of their teeth.

When it comes to caring for children’s teeth, dental hygienists can play a very important role especially in the prevention of tooth decay. They can remove dental plaque which is a very thin biofilm produced by germs present on the surface of the teeth. This biofilm is what protects the germs from getting removed from their position. Given that most kids don’t know how to properly brush their teeth, dental hygienists can help remove the plaque for them.

In cases where plaques have been allowed to harden some more, this can lead to the development of tartar. Ordinary toothbrushing cannot remove this super-hardened deposit on the teeth. As such, it has to be removed by a dental hygienist. This is to make sure that the germs hiding underneath this tough protective layer are also removed to prevent them from forming cavities on the teeth.

Dental hygienists can also apply a variety of preventive materials such as fluorides and sealants to make sure that no germs will ever gain access to the inner parts of the teeth. These materials are carefully applied to help strengthen the teeth. Children can benefit a lot from such applications since they are given another layer of protection against gum diseases and tooth decay.

Students of dental hygiene may be considered as novices in the art of teaching children the correct techniques to promote optimum dental and oral health. However, their enthusiasm to excel in their chosen profession can never be questioned. They are like Tooth Fairy Trainees who are dedicating their time and effort to learn more about how to become the good Tooth Fairy that they’ve always imagined themselves to be.