Wedding Magician – Close Up and Table Magician For Hire

You might be wondering why would anyone hire a magician on their wedding day especially when it could be a distraction and another added expense. Little did you know, there are a lot of merits in hiring one, too. As you read through the article, you’ll start to realize that they are not just distractions and added expenses. If anything, you’ll find them worth spending on.

What is a close-up and table magician?

A close-up and table magician are other words to call a magician. They are called such because they are often hired to perform magic tricks in seated events like weddings, parties, etc. In this case, a wedding magician is a close-up and table magician because he would be performing in front of seated guests during the reception.

So why would you want to hire a magician for your wedding?


  1. They break the ice

Not all the people in your wedding know each other and some of them might even be strangers seated at the same table. Although they can just have small talk or look at their phones, you wouldn’t want them to do this on your special day. If anything, you want them to enjoy as well and get to know the other people who have been part of your life. Hiring a magician for your wedding can help lessen the tension and the awkwardness of strangers seated at the same table. They will go to a table, talk to everyone in it, and start doing magic tricks and before you know it, people will have more common things to talk about throughout the night.

  1. They fill the empty spaces in your wedding

Let’s face it, your wedding will have its dull moments especially when everyone’s eating. It’s not all throughout the night that guests will be enjoying and be going around mingling with each other much less mingling with you. A hired close-up magician can help you keep them from being bored because nothing captivates like magic. Even the most serious of guests will become interested in how the magician managed to lose that small penny.

  1. They become a unique part of the program

Unlike children’s parties where everyone sits and watches the magician, weddings work differently. A hired magician doesn’t have to have their own segment where everyone watches him. In fact, he can just go around and approach a table and start showing tricks.

It was also mentioned that it sounds weird to hire a magician, so hiring one on your wedding will make people wonder and be curious because it’s not common to see them in weddings.

  1. They do not occupy so much space

Similar to them not occupying too much time in your program, close-up magicians don’t have to have a huge table where they do magic tricks. A professional magician would only need to stand up and then he can start captivating the crowd. To add to that, if they’re good at their trade, they won’t be an added problem to you because they will be able to manage their own time and space and at the same time manage some of your guests.

  1. They help entertain guests

Actually, the two main advantages for hiring a magician is that one, you don’t have to do all the entertaining yourself, and two, they keep the magic and atmosphere going. You can also look at your magician as a partner when it comes to making your wedding reception a success because they will be able to reinforce and keep the magic happening around them. They will also set a livelier and more joyful atmosphere because they will surely keep the guests amazed and occupied. What’s great about this is that they appeal to guests both young and old.

  1. They can make your wedding more personalized

Last but not the least, is that close-up magicians will bring a more personal approach to your wedding. Good ones will work on their script and their tricks to make sure that they personally fit the happy couple. If you have any preferences and requests for them, they can also be quite flexible and versatile. They are able to draw tricks up their sleeves that the guests have never seen.